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Lit review

Read some interesting books lately. Feeling almost "with it" as far as contemporary literature goes. Took only two days to read Douglas Coupland jPod when I got my hands on an advanced reader's copy. Not a hard read when a good quarter of the book is in 48-point font, or covered with strings of random numbers or the digits of pi. It was all so painfully...clever. Still, I enjoyed it a lot, especially the Vancouver-bashing. I've never visited Vancouver, nor does it necessarily deserve bashing, but he was so terribly good at it. I was, frankly, envious of the characters in the book, even though he was ridiculing them to some extent. Some days I just want a job, a cubicle, a set time schedule and a paycheck. But then I realize their probably is something to the painful emptiness in these people's lives that so many contemporary authors want to depict.

Nearly finished reading Neal Stephenson's Diamond Age as well. It's actually from 1995, but feels new. Not really as good as Cryptonomicon. It has an utterly different feel from his other books. I'm trying to imagine what sort of audience he intended it for. He doesn't indulge in the extensive footnoting-in-the-text that becomes so tiresome and fascinating in the System of the World trilogy (which I gave up on halfway through the second book).

Also plowing through all the major stories of H.P. Lovecraft. I read them to my ladylove while she does dishes. It makes chores go faster when hearing about unspeakable tentacled things imposing horrificly wrong geometry on our perceptions of the universe. (And yes, I offer to do the dishes, but she likes to hear me read.)

Presently trapped in my carrel, trying to care about the 93rd distinction of Gratian's Decretum. Why, gods, why couldn't I have picked an intesting topic for my thesis?!



October 2006

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