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confused bunny


Raining buckets o' buckets right now. Can't see more than four blocks from my 10th floor window.
Doesn't help work get done. Thesis work I mean, but there is this, for what little it's worth:

Fog: A reply to Sandburg

The fog scrapes inward to tell me
of dry hills it caressed to dew
of lakes grown morbid and calm
with cold legs clenched tight at dawn.
The fog sloughs by and tells
of new skin it grows on snails
of a blanket made of welcome dull
cocooned on cocoons and wings.
The fog it passes on and on
me it asks me, where I am, and am
I there, and are there stars
in her thighs, son, are there suns?
But I cannot see for the fog.


Okay, I'm not afraid to admit my ignorance (due to having spent all my knowledge skill points on things pre-1066). Sandburg? Presumably something famous which every educated person knows?

On first read, loved the cold, clenched legs for their own sake and was then delighted to see them thematically picked up by the thighs at the end. Favorite part, though: the vagueness of the fog's words in line ten... it wasn't until the second read that I saw how nebulous the first person is. Shivers! In any case, this poem evokes for me my pallid apathy toward reproduction.

Mullins 5:00 today?


Glad to see you at Mullins. 'Twas a great heap o fun.
As for your previous question, Carl Sandburg is an American poet and author, especially beloved by his home state of Illinois. Was dragged to his home/museum years ago as a child. Hated it then, but would like to go again now. Though he wrote a lot, he'll probably be remembered best for his little poem "Fog":

The fog comes
on little cat feet.

It sits looking
over harbor and city
on silent haunches
and then moves on.

Much cleaner, and much more evocative than my jumble of confused images. I can't quite decide where I was going with it. It kind of falls apart at the end, and I'm not sure if I should pretend that was intentional or not.
Curses! How have you found my lair, old enemy?
I suppose I was flying an obvious flag of sorts.

October 2006

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